Rhys Norton Brough-Smyth

(Pronounced Rees Norton Bruf Sm-eye-th)*
Born 2003
Located in Adelaide, South Australia

People seldom guess my age, even amongst my peers. I was able to fast-track my secondary education through the IGNITE program for gifted students, graduating two years ahead of schedule at the age of fifteen.

I’ve had a singular focus on a career in the games industry for half my life, and have successfully completed six courses in design, art and programming at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) from 2018–2021. In 2019, I received the Vocational Student of the Year Award from the Southern Adelaide and Fleurieu Secondary Schools Alliance.


Whilst my passion is game design, I am a competent C# programmer and have created game systems such as a 3D performant, off-grid, procedural level generation system.


My complementary art and programming skills assist with prototyping, and have helped me become a more effective and empathetic communicator with the whole team. When working collaboratively, my maturity, passion and focus enhances my work as a vision holder and project manager.

* You may know me as Rhys Brough-Smyth. Norton is my Great-Grandfather's surname and my middle name. As my birth name can be difficult to pronounce, I've chosen the professional name Rhys Norton.

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